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For more than two decades, Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc (ISS) has been a leader in advanced Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) technologies for the design and manufacture of industrial, fluidic and analytical sensing applications.

Now we’re harnessing our sensing expertise in order to help improve outcomes for critically ill patients.

Medical monitoring devices are among the most important pieces of equipment in modern health care.  In the absence of reliable, intuitive and easy to use monitoring equipment, healthcare providers may miss critical information.  And that may mean the difference between life and death for vulnerable patients.

We’re committed to developing wireless patient monitoring systems that allow clinicians to focus on patient care – not machines.

Wireless medical devices are improving the way physicians monitor their patients; the ISS wireless medical product portfolio will greatly advance the trend toward home health monitoring and diagnostics. ISS sensors are being developed for both long-term management of chronic disease and for short-term post-operative and diagnostic care. These sensors will provide powerful measurements unobtainable with current clinical devices.

The core technology of the implantable micro-device is the MEMS pressure transducer. Using magnetic telemetry, the reader transmits power to the sensor and the sensed pressure is in turn transmitted back to the reader. Small size, optimized shape, and careful choice of components ensure implant biocompatibility and non-thrombogenicity. Data collected by the sensor can be used by physicians to tailor patient treatment based on their unique requirements.

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