Dissolved Wafer Process

To fabricate MEMS devices, ISS uses the dissolved wafer process (DWP) as its core technology because:

  • ISS has secured exclusive licenses to patents covering the DWP process from the University of Michigan.
  • ISS possesses deep expertise in this process and has developed substantial intellectual property in both patents and trade secrets that compliment the original DWP technology created by the University of Michigan. In addition to ISS’ in-house expertise in DWP, ISS Cofounders Dr. Ken Wise and Dr. Khalil Najafi continue to assist ISS team members as needed in resolving complex technical problems.

DWP combines the advantages of both surface and bulk micro-machining including:

  • Allows for simple, single-sided wafer fabrication processes
  • Yields reproducible and accurate process steps
  • Produces high aspect ratio monocrystalline silicon microstructures
  • Accommodates both thick and thin micro-structures on the same chip
  • Produces high density microstructures for a variety of sensors and actuators