Drug Delivery

Safe and effective drug delivery technologies are emerging as a vital factor in the healthcare marketing equation.

ISSYS is committed to providing the medical community with important tools to efficiently manage the release of drugs in the human body.

We’re harnessing our Microfluidic MEMS technology to accurately measure specific gravity for fluids, to improve the delivery safety of drugs delivery.

It’s industrial strength healthcare technology, that works.

Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc (ISSYS) Drug Infusion Monitor

The Micro-Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor offers improvements in drug delivery safety by:

  • Improving drug delivery accuracy
  • Monitoring the dose, dose rate and total infused volume
  • Detecting air bubbles and occlusions
  • Offering controlled retrograde infusion capability and a temperature measurement option

ISSYS has already received FDA pre-market notification (510K) for its first drug delivery product, and our second–generation device is being developed for successful commercialization.