Process Capabilities

Our standard wafer sizes are 4 inch (100 mm) and six inch (150 mm) diameters, and we have some select capabilities for running 8 inch (200 mm) wafers. There are no minimum lot sizes and no setup costs!

  • Silicon, SOI, Epitaxial
  • Glass – Pyrex, Borofloat, Hoya, Quartz
  • Ceramic
  • Photo Resist Coater
  • Two Aligners with Contact, Proximity, and Vacuum Mode
  • Minimum Feature Size of 2 um.
  • Both Single-Side and Double-Side Alignment Capabilities
  • Liftoff Processes
Silicon DRIE (Deep Reactive Ion Etching)
  • Pegasus DRIE from STS
  • ICP DRIE from STS
Wafer Bonding
  • Anodic Bonding of Silicon (or SOI) to Glass. Multiple-Wafer Stacks.
  • Fusion Bonding of Silicon to Silicon
  • Glass Frit Bonding – Variety of Substrates (Silicon, Glass, Ceramics)
  • Solder Bonding
Glass Frit Processes
  • Frit Screen Design
  • Glass Frit Screen Printing
  • Glass Frit Firing
  • Two Evaporators – One R&D and One High Capacity Production System
  • One Sputtering System
Wet Etching Processes
  • Customized EDP Etch System for Anisotropic Silicon Etching
  • KOH Etch System for Anisotropic Silicon Etching
  • Glass Etching Systems
  • Oxide Etching Modules
  • Silicon Nitride Etch Module
  • Metal Etching Modules
High Temperature Furnaces
  • Thermal Oxidation Furnaces
  • Wet and Dry Oxidation
  • High Temperature Anneal Processes
Backend Processes
  • Wafer Dicing – Variety of Substrates
  • Wire Bonding
  • Wafer Lapping/Thinning
Metrology / Characterization
  • Optical Profilometer
  • Mechanical Profilometer
  • Thin Film Thickness Measurement
  • SEM – Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Linewidth Measurement System
  • Wire Bonding
  • Probe Stations
  • Custom–Designed Characterization Systems
  • Environmental Test Chambers