Nanogetters Adds Production Capacity

NanoGetters Adds 8” / 200mm Production Wafer Capacity
YPSILANTI, MI–(March 23, 2010) – NanoGetters® has installed new tooling for their high-volume
production deposition system for 8” / 200mm diameter wafers. This increases the capacity and
throughput at NanoGetters® for these larger diameter wafers. Doug Sparks, President of NanoGetters
stated “Adding this new equipment enables NanoGetters to serve the MEMS community as they
transition to larger diameter wafers. More and more MEMS devices are incorporating thin film getters to
improve the vacuum quality of their devices. Getters are being used in RF-MEMS resonators,
gyroscopes, pressure sensors, IR sensors, displays, accelerometers and chemical concentration sensors.
As larger market opportunities emerge, NanoGetters® will be there to provide better vacuum packaging
solutions for our customers.”

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