Preclinical Products

It takes years of commitment and financial investment to bring new medical technology to market.

With more than two decades of successful technologic development under our belts, ISSYS is uniquely positioned to convert the theoretical to reality

With so much on the line, it’s critical to be as efficient and effective as possible. ISSYS is a recognized leader in research and development because of:

  • our excellent investment-to-commercialization success rate, which focuses on market needs
  • our openness to partnerships and strategic collaboration
  • our investment in state-of-the-art scientific technologies
  • our disciplined research and development process

Physiological Remote Implantable Sensing Monitors Inc. (PRISM-Telemetry) is introducing world’s smallest and longest operating miniature implant.

  • PRISM’s Wireless Interrogative Technology (WIT), uses radio frequency (RF) enabled telemetry to monitor the hemodynamic parameters in physiological systems
  • It offers researchers a battery-free, wireless, telemetric instrumentation and real time data acquisition system to advance physiology science
  • This patented proprietary technology simplifies the measurement of internal pressure and temperature in animal research, particularly small animals and long studies such as physiology testing, toxicology and pharmacology