Titan WIHM

Heart disease is a major healthcare crisis all over the world.  It claims millions of lives every year.  Many of them, needlessly.

To combat heart disease requires constant vigilance and as the industry leader in MEMS technology, ISSYS builds vigilance into every one of our monitoring devices. ISSYS technology is always measuring.  Always monitoring.  Always vigilant.


Case Example

What is congestive heart failure?  How is it currently treated?

Patients suffering from congestive heart failure (CHF) have a damaged or overworked heart that cannot pump blood sufficiently to meet the metabolic demands of the body, or can do so only with an elevated ventricular diastolic pressure.

In critically ill patients with the most severe cases of CHF pulmonary edema can occur – fluid accumulates in the air spaces and parenchyma of the lungs.  This can lead to impaired gas exchange and may ultimately cause respiratory failure and death.

Currently, the treatment of CHF is primarily monitored to the best of physicians’ capabilities through in office evaluation of symptoms and patient pathology, direct observational assessments, and echocardiography.

“The physiologic parameters being used today in order to tailor home monitoring and management of CHF are patient weight, heart rate, and blood pressure”. Observation of rudimentary physical symptoms (e.g., patient’s weight) is low cost and possess no procedural risk; it is, however, medically very ineffective and results in a high risk of wrong dosage.”

Achi Ludomirsky, M.D., Director of Division of Cardiology, Department of Pediatrics, Washington University School of Medicine

Solution – Titan WIHM

Titan Wireless Implantable Hemodynamic Monitor (WIHM) is the world’s most accurate and intelligent, non-invasive, miniature implant.

Titan WIHM is targeted to monitor overall cardiovascular health of severe chronic cardiovascular diseases in pediatric and adult patients. It also assists in tailoring medications based on patients’ conditions. This patented proprietary monitoring system provides real-time, wireless measurement of hemodynamic parameters and detailed pressure waveforms inside the four heart chambers on demand and continuously.

The Titan WIHM has inside electronics (intelligence) and offer features such as: temperature measurement, digital communication, individual ID, advanced information to allow optimized transmitted power, highly improved communication integrity, and reliable data monitoring.

The Titan WIHM system is comprised of four components:

Pressure SensorTelemetric Implantable Pressure Sensor: biocompatible, miniature implant with an optimized cylindrical shape to reduce the potential for thrombogenicity. It receives radio frequency signals (RF) wirelessly from its antenna and does not require batteries. It senses cardio pressures within the heart chambers of the patient and transforms them to electrical signals, which are wirelessly transmitted to a readout unit.  

Readout Unit with Antenna (ROU): provides RF power signal to and receives RF pressure signal from the antenna. It converts the sensor signals into digital values. It sends digitize signals with time stamps to the Host Personal Computer (PC). It also receives and processes commands and data from the Host PC. It performs dynamic power control of RF power level. It designed to interface with various reference sensors and monitors.

User Graphic Interface with Host PC: provides home monitoring and hospital & ICU monitoring options and capabilities. It receives the sensor data from the ROU via a standard USB port. It has the capability of interfacing with the user and displays the results using graphic user interface (GUI) screens. It stores patient data and sends control data and parameters to the ROU via a standard USB port.

Internet-accessible patient database: provides internet access, facilitating communications between the patient and their healthcare provider. It has home monitoring and database recording, for accurate and timely logging of critical patient data. It provides remote data access and review, trending and data analysis. It is HIPAA compliant and meets all current industry standards for protecting confidential patient data.