Innovation begins with our core technology platform. Integrating Sensing Systems maintains a strong base of Intellectual Property in both manufacturing and packaging of MEMS (micro electromechanical systems). This tremendous IP combined with a state of the art MEMS Manufacturing Facility becomes the platform of the business units.

Each business unit specializes in bringing innovative products and solutions to key applications and industries. Integrated Sensing Systems full product line all have MEMS inside which plays two major roles in the company’s marketing strategy: to provide key product advantages to enter and dominate its selected markets, and to create effective competitive barriers.

Integrated Sensing Systems business units include: Medical, Fluidic, Foundry Services, and Nanogetters.

Business Units

The Medical business unit focuses on provided new and innovative products to the health and wellness industry. A new and exciting product that is in clinical trials is the Titan which is a miniature, battery-free implantable sensor coupled with a wireless reader for biological and physiological measurement applications.


The Fluidic business unit specializes in equipment and embedded sensors that measure both gases and liquids for use in laboratory, R&D, and process applications.


Foundry Services can help you design, develop, and manufacture your products with the highest quality, fastest turnaround times, and competitive prices.


NanoGetters provides vacuum packaging for our MEMS resonators, with an ultra-clean getter that does not require a high temperature metal oxide/metal reduction reaction step to activate.