Foundry Services

For over a decade, Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc (ISS) Foundry Services division has partnered with more than 100 MEMS and Nanotechnology companies world wide, to provide high quality wafer fabrication services, prototype development, and contract manufacturing.

Taking full advantage of ISS expertise in commercialization of industrial and medical MEMS products, our Foundry Services Division can help design, develop, and manufacture products with the highest quality, fastest turnaround times, and competitive prices.


Our foundry services range from single-step wafer processing to prototype development to full manufacturing as well as technical consulting.

1. Wafer Processing

We have the technology and the expertise to help you with a wide variety of fabrication processes! Whether you need only a few processing steps, or a full device fabrication run, our technical staff can work with you to ensure a process design that fits your needs. We provide a variety of wafers fabrication processes on Silicon, Glass and Ceramic substrates. Our standard wafer sizes are 4 inch (100 mm) and six inch (150 mm) diameters, and we have some additional capabilities for running 8 inch (200 mm) wafers. There are no minimum lot sizes and no setup costs!

Dissolved Wafer Processing (DWP)

2. Proto-Type Development

Do you have an application that demands a high performance MEMS device, but lack the in-house expertise to turn that vision into a viable product?  If so, ISS can help with turnkey product services. We have the expertise to take your ideas from a set of specifications to your customer’s shipping dock. To do this, ISS offers full product development capabilities including device design, electronics design, packaging design, process development, and manufacturing. More importantly, ISS takes an integrated approach to meet your needs. Electronics and packaging issues are worked into the earliest design iterations and prototypes, and not just tacked on at the end. This means you have fewer surprises and delays near the project’s completion.

3. Production and Manufacturing

Do you lack the equipment or capacity to produce your MEMS devices? ISS can do it for you with our in-house state-of-the-art flexible manufacturing infrastructure, ISS can produce most MEMS structures, integrate electronics, and package finished dies. At ISS, the choice is yours. You can use one or several production services, use us as a second source manufacturer, or have us manufacture your product from start to finish.

4. Nanogetter® Integration

We can provide “turnkey” solutions for all your micromachining vacuum packaging needs. This includes ISS´ patented proprietary NanoGetter® technology integration, wafer bonding for chip-scale packages, ceramic packages and getter activation.


In order to consistently produce high-quality medical and industrial products, Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc (ISS) has established a comprehensive, quality-oriented MEMS manufacturing facility including two Class 100 clean rooms, comprehensive specialized equipment, chemical labs, test and characterization facilities, and electronics labs.

Our flexible manufacturing infrastructure allows use of common design elements, equipment, people, and processes to leverage ISS´ investment in a MEMS fabrication facility and bringing traditional high-volume economics to multiple niche-volumes, with higher-value products.

Process Capabilities

Manufacturing Facility